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Pinstripes Professional Cleaning Service

Savvy business professionals in the DFW Metroplex choose Pinstripes Cleaners to save time and money. Our courteous staff strives to make life easier by picking up and delivering cleaning to local businesses, free of charge. Employers may offer this benefit to employees as a no-hassle, risk-free perk.

Individual accounts are managed on a personal basis ensuring safe secure transactions.

We have no fee to sign up, no minimum pick up, and our prices are always competitive. In fact, you can check our prices online any time; see if you can get that from any other cleaner. Also we do our own cleaning in our own plant, because nobody is more committed to quality workmanship for your attire than Pinstripes. What does this mean to you? It means when you call us you’ll be talking directly to the people handling your fine garments, so your special requests, emergencies or concerns are quickly given the attention they deserve with only one phone call. The finest in personal service for busy professionals.

Convenient and affordable - A benefit for everyone!

Pinstripes Cleaners…simplifying your life.

Call us to find out how Pinstripes can serve your team!

Toll Free: 1-87-STRIPES-7 (1-877-874-7377)

If your company already using pinstripes and you need to sign up, click on the button below, print the document and follow the simple instructions! We’ll have your Pinstripes Professional bag to you the next pickup day! Welcome to Pinstripes’ Professional cleaning service, and enjoy the convenience of the Pinstripes difference!

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